FLASH Kicks Off 2011 Annual Meeting

The first full day of the 2011 FLASH Annual Meeting was productive.

We listened attentively as Craig Tillman delivered his Impact Report, which provided a platform for recognizing common themes and, ultimately, a framework to understand how resilience can work to improve communications worldwide.

Attendees joined in during three “conversations” including: Outreach Program Roundup, Innovations in Communication and Outreach Technologies, and Campus Report: Latest Academic and Research Advancements.

We were pleased to see everyone exchanging ideas and actively networking with panelists – which was precisely our goal when we originally planned our conversation sessions for this year’s meeting.

FLASH also presented for the first time ever its Innovations in Product Technologies Showcase, where we shared with attendees the latest in technical advancements including tornado safe rooms, impact-resistant windows and doors, anchoring systems, shutters and home generators.  Also, attendees were able to personally meet Kevin and Sarabeth Harrison and hear their moving tornado safe room story of survival following a killer tornado in Alabama this past April.

We’re looking forward to as equally a productive day tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2011 FLASH Annual Meeting, visit www.flash.org/2011meeting.

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