Hurricane Preparedness Week Kicks Off with Next Generation of Mitigation Tools and Technology

With just days until the start of hurricane season, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)® is offering Mitigation 2.0 — an “upgrade” to traditional family preparedness and home mitigation activities.  Mitigation 2.0 combines safety with technology to empower families and streamline activities that strengthen homes and ensure that families are safe.

Simplified, streamlined hurricane preparedness will help ensure that people are ready throughout the season.  For example, FLASH has partnered with the country’s premier weather data provider to offer a powerful, easy-to-use smartphone app that will give families the weather and mitigation information they want when they need it without unnecessary over alerting and confusion.  That’s the essence of Mitigation 2.0.

“No matter what type of threat a storm inflicts – wind or water – mitigation is an essential component of successful preparedness,” said National Hurricane Center Director Dr. Rick Knabb.  “Mitigation 2.0 leverages technology to deliver critical information with speed and ease so more families can prepare.”

Each Mitigation 2.0 resource is aligned with the Hurricane Preparedness Week topic of the day to give families a streamlined path to hurricane readiness.

Monday, May 27:  Storm Surge

Tuesday, May 28:  Wind

Wednesday, May 29:  Inland Flooding

View this animation and learn how to:

  • Dry or wet flood proof your home to either prevent floodwaters from entering or allow them to flow through unused parts of your home with this animation.
  • Elevate appliances like the furnace, HVAC and washer/dryer 12” above the base flood elevation.
  • Why you should purchase flood insurance as typical homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.

Thursday, May 30:  Forecast Process

Download FLASH Weather Alerts for the one day price of $4.99 and:

  • GPS, precision text-to-speech weather hazard warnings.
  • Follow hurricane tracks and watch/warning areas.
  • Discover how you can protect your home and prepare your family for disasters of all kinds.

Friday, May 31:  Get a Plan

View this video and learn how to:

Saturday, June 1:  Take Action

View these videos and get your home hurricane-ready with DIY mitigation activities like:

For the full week of activities, do-it-yourself instructions and videos about hurricanes and other natural disaster preparedness resources, visit

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