Hurricane Andrew: Twenty Years, Twenty Stories

August 24 marks the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. Andrew’s devastation was undeniably profound as was its effect on the lives of everyone in its path. To mark the anniversary, FLASH team members, partners and friends will post personal recollections of Hurricane Andrew that will recall how the storm not only changed our lives, but shaped the modern disaster safety movement.

Read about “where they were” when the devastating Category 5 hurricane hit South Florida on August 24,1992, killing 65, causing $26.5 billion in U.S. damages and destroying 25,524 homes. Among those sharing their memories will be former Director of the National Hurricane Center; Bill Read, David Halstead, former Deputy Director, Florida Division of Emergency Management; Bryan Norcross, hurricane specialist, The Weather Channel; and FLASH team members Leslie Chapman-Henderson, Bruce McCullen, Tim Smail, Zoe Boyer, Barbara Harrison and Trenise Lyons.

Our hope is that you learn a bit more about FLASH, the movement, and why we are inspired do what we do. The stories will continue through the 20-year anniversary on August 24 and beyond so it is not too late to submit your story to us at for publication. Also, we encourage you to add your thoughts in the comments section.

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